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Have you ever experienced any of the following: constant feelings of sadness, irritability, or tension, decreased interest or pleasure in usual activities or hobbies, loss of energy, feeling tired despite lack of activity, a change in appetite with significant weight loss or weight gain, a change in sleeping patterns, decreased ability to make decisions or concentrate, feelings of worthlessness, hopelessness, or thoughts of suicide or death?

Can you believe that all of these things can be “red flags” for depression?

It is no wonder that one out of every six Americans will have depression during their lifetime.  Although depression is a real medical illness, many people still mistakenly believe it is a personal weakness.   That “weakness” is a genuine problem with roots in your body’s nervous system.  Your nervous system can be addressed and supported to relieve your symptoms.  You can take charge of your life again!

Depression has no single cause; often, it results from a combination of factors. Some of the causes may include, certain diseases or illnesses, negative thinking patterns, family history of depression, difficult life events, certain medications, and/or frequent and excessive alcohol consumption.  Whatever its cause, depression is not just a state of mind. It is related to physical changes in the chemicals of the brain.  These chemicals can be measured, and with this information, we can recommend the best supportive supplemental program for you.

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