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Proper motion is essential for function.  When joint function is impaired, there is reduced range of motion, inflammation, calcium buildup and scar tissue.

This can be caused from repetitive motions, improper sitting, slips, falls, accidents and other causes.  Awareness of these types of problems has become more common with terms like “tennis elbow”, “runners knee”, and “carpal tunnel”.

Joints of he body can lose their normal motion and position leading to symptoms of pain, swelling and loss of function.

Traditional treatment involves splinting the joint, pain medication, muscle relaxers, steroid injections and even surgery.

Today, a more common sense approach is being taken.  Joint mobilization, like chiropractic care for the spine is being used in the care of elbows, wrists, and other joints of the body.  Helping to restore normal range of motion to joints that have become “locked up”, “jammed”, or injured, appears to improve blood circulation, reduce scar tissue and speed the healing process.

As Doctors of Chiropractic we are uniquely trained to detect and help restore proper joint function of the spine and extremities. 

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